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          Welcome to Cello Bags.com!

          Cello bags.com is the leader in cello bags and cellophane packaging for your bakery, candy, nuts or any smallitem need. We carry dozens of cello bag sizes and styles, biodegradable clear cello bags, flat and gusseted cellophane bags, printedcellophane bags and shrink wrap bags, just to name a few!

          AnFDA approved safe food packaging material, cellophane bags are great for popcornpackaging, party favor bags, bakery bags, wedding favor bags or even cosmeticbags. Plus we have all the accessories you need to seal your packages includingbasket filler, twist ties, heat sealers. Add a pretty tag, bow or label and voila,your package is complete!

          You'vespent time & money making your product, why not show it off with ClearCellophane Bags?

          If at anytime you need assistance while browsing cellobags.com, pleasefeel free to contact us at 1.800.569.1266
          Thank you again for visiting - we appreciate your patronage!

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